Our Team  エピエリの仲間

松浦亜季 (エピエリ エグゼクティブシェフ)/ Aki Matsuura Chief Executive Chef

神奈川県小田原出身。豊かな自然の中、良い文学や音楽に触れながら育ち、文化や暮らしに対する興味を育む。大学卒業後料理の道へ進み、和食、フレンチ、カジュアルダイニングなどを経て、麹町カフェのシェフとなる。その後、エピエリのエグゼクティブシェフとなり、グループ内全てのメニューやケータリング、またレストランウェディングのディレクションを手がける。日々自らキッチンに立ち、ハム、ベーコン、ドレッシングまで全て手作りで無添加、オーガニックにこだわった料理を届けるほか、専門学校での講師や、各地で食に関する講演も行う。著書・協力書籍に「サンドイッチbook (ルックナウ)」「わたしのおべんとう(西東社)」、また「うちのカレー(主婦と生活社)」等がある。

 Aki grew her creativity and aesthetic sense by living her childhood close to the nature in Odawara and naturally discovered herself in culinary after finishing her university course. Her culinary passion made her work at various kinds of restaurant from Japanese to French, and the experience came into one placeat Kojimachi Cafe. Since after becoming the executive chef of epietriz, Aki takes the direction of not only every single menu of the 3 restaurants but also all the catering projects. She believes that anything can be home-made without using synthetic seasoning and the spirit is reflected on her dishes made even with home-made ham, bacon, and sausage, just to name a few. She is also the author of some cookbooks.

松浦清一郎 (エピエリ 代表)/ Seiichiro  Matsuura (CEO


Sei began his career in the restaurant business in Tokyo after living in New Zealand where he discovered his passion for hospitality and food. He worked at several restaurants and started his own business in 2004, which was Kojimachi cafe, the very first form of epietriz. His curiosity and creativity has always brought new perspective to Japanese restaurant industry and his contribution of enriching  community and its people has been recognized in various media.

(From the left) 

三浦隆広 / Takahiro Miura



What I Eat on the Last Day to Live : Baguette

My Essencial Spice : Fragrant Wheat


小林優太  / Yuta Kobayashi

“eat-good” とは: Happinessのこと!

インスピレーションが沸く音楽: HIP HOP

“eat-good” is : it’s all about happiness! 

The Music of Inspiration:HIP HOP


古川大策 / Daisaku Furukawa



What I Eat on the Last Day to Live : Tiramisu

The Memories of the Food Experiences :  Chinese fried rice. That dish made me decide to pursuit my passion for culinary.





The Best Sandwich : Pumpkin & prosciutto focaccia sandwich

The Memories of the Food Experiences :  The birthday cake prepared for a surprise

(From the left)

西島悠幾/Yuki Nishijima

“eat-good” is : 妥協しないこと。


“eat-good” is : No compromisation

What I Eat on the Last Day to Live : Tonkatsu


諏訪浩之 / Hiroyuki Suwa



The Best Sandwich : English Bread BLT(with housemade bacon, of course)

The Memories of the Food Experiences : Housemade charcuterie of Kojimachi Cafe. That made me decided to work for the restaurant!


中島基子/Motoko Nakajima



Inspirational Moment : When on trip. Traveling is all about food and discovery!

Best Sandwich:Grilled vegetable sandwich


比嘉啓丈/Hirofumi Higa

“eat-good” とは:挑戦すること。


“eat-good” is : To challenge. 

The Memories of the Food Experiences : Pain Paysan. I believe it is the supreme form of long-hour fermentation.


大島知子/ Tomoko Oshima



The Best Sandwich:Vegetables & cheddar cheese wrap. 

The Memories of the Food Experiences : Japanese rolled omelette. I used to make it everyday when I was little.