Mid Spring Marché 2019



With winter’s chill behind us, Tokyo’s spring is in full swing. The cherry blossoms have come and gone, and here at Kojimachi Cafe we’re ready to celebrate the fruits of the mid-spring season: sweet Kiyomi citrus, seedless Dekopon oranges, juicy Hyuganatsu citrus, and California-grown grapefruits free from post‐harvest pesticides. We’ll also have Taiwanese pineapples, whose large core is tender and just as edible as its fruit. And as always, we’ll have the freshest veggies available straight from the Miura Peninsula for you to take away.

開催場所:Kojimachi Cafe
開催日時: 4月19日(金)15:00-18:00 ※ 、20日(土)12:00 -
※なお、物販は前日19日(金)17:00〜 より行なっております。

Alex Queen