Winter Marché 2018





The last marché of 2018 is coming just before Christmas on Friday, December 21, and Saturday, December 22!

We’ll of course have a selection of winter vegetables from the Miura Peninsula as well as breads from our Manufacture bakery, including homemade Gugelhupf, Christmas muffins, and our annual stollen filled with organic fruits and nuts.

And don’t miss Saturday brunch for a chance to try some all-natural, grass-fed Aussie roast beef. Supplies are limited!

【販売内容 | Foods & Goods】
・三浦半島の冬野菜 | Winter Veggies from the Miura Peninsula
・オーストラリア産ナチュラルビーフのローストビーフ | Grass-fed Aussie Roast Beef
・シュトーレン | Stollen

【デザート | Desserts】
・クリスマス特製マフィン | Christmas Muffins
・自家製のクグロフ | Homemade Gugelhupf

開催場所:Kojimachi Cafe
開催日時: 12月21日(金)※ 、22日(土)15:00–18:00

Michael Warren